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Solar Decoy Twin Pack

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Made with a blinking red LED for added authenticity, The Sunforce Solar Decoy Camera Twin Pack will protect your home or business from theft and vandalism anywhere, anytime. With no wiring required, these units are easy to install and completely maintenance free. The LED light can be powered by the solar panel or batteries (not included). For added convenience, these units can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Product Features:

Blinking LED light powered by solar panel or batteries
No wiring required
Can be used indoors and outdoors
3"L x 1.6"W amorphous solar panel charges in natural or artificial light
Maintenance free


Two security cameras with amorphous solar panels
LED light
Mounting brackets


For use outdoors: Install the camera with two AAA rechargeable batteries. The solar panel will recharge the batteries for operation of the flashing red LED during the day and night. Make sure to place the camera under direct sunlight
For use indoors: Install the camera without batteries, close to a good source of artificial light. The flashing red LED will be powered by the solar panel using only indoor lighting.

9015 Avon #2017

Location: Quebec, Canada

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Solar Decoy Twin Pack

Location: Quebec, Canada
9015 Avon #2017

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