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F16-1800 30W foldable solar panel

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The 30W foldable solar charger takes you to the next level in portable solar power generation, increasing capability and charging speed while weighing less than 2 lbs.
The 30W foldable solar charger provides you with a step-up in power point for solar charging small to medium electronic devices directly using the DC power or by utilizing one of many available accessories. Unlike "CIGS" solar technology, there is no need for "sun-soaking" the panel for optimum performance after periods of storage - so PowerFilm solar provides critical power immediately.

How the charger works:

Place the charger solar-side up in the sun.
Connect your device to the charger using a male 12V car charger adapter and the included female 12V car charger adapter.
Optionally, the charger can be connected directly to a 12V battery for battery charging and power storage.
Note - unlike the USB+AA and AA solar chargers there is no storage mechanism, meaning the charger will only produce DC power while in the sun.
What's in the package?

One (1) 30W foldable solar charger
One (1) 12V female car charger adapter
Best uses and suggested accessories:

12V battery charging
Remote power - HAM Radio, water purification, power tools
Camp lighting
Small DC electric coolers
Tablet PC
RA1 - 12V male car charger adapter
RA3 - battery charging unit
RA8 - 15' extension cord with alligator clip connectors
RA9 - Charge controller
RA13 - Anderson power pole connector
RA14 - 12V USB conversion adapter

Operating Voltage: 15.4
Wattage: 30
Current: 1.8 amps
Width (mm): 641.4 unfolded; 324 folded
Length (mm): 1193.8 unfolded; 177.8 folded
Width (in): 25.25 unfolded; 12.75 folded
Length (in): 47 unfolded; 7 folded
Weight (kg): 0.80
Weight (lb): 1.76

2337 230th Street

Location: Iowa, United States

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F16-1800 30W foldable solar panel

Location: Iowa, United States
2337 230th Street

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